Saturday, February 13, 2010

Instrument Panel Done and Tested!

And here are the "after" pictures of my VX's instrument panel. The metal bracket was stripped, primed with self-etching primer several times and then hit with several coats of Rust-oleum flat black.
All screws, washers and nuts were cleaned on a wire wheel. The plastic housing was carefully cleaned, roughed up with 120 grit sandpaper and hit with several coats of primer. After a good period of drying, several coats of black were applied. All bulbs were tested individually while out of the harness. Luckily only three large bulbs and one small bulb needed to be replaced. Only $10 at my local neighborhood Nevada Suzuki.

Just before putting the whole thing back together, everything was cleaned. Apparently several families of spiders had made this their home. My old toothbrush did wonders.

Everything was put in place to test fitment. After a minor adjustment or two to the home-brew gauge gaskets, everything was closed and bolted tight.

Then, after nearly going blind trying to read a rather poor copy of the electrical layout, the instrument panel wiring tested 100%!

Ah, but I didn't stop there. I also mounted the repainted brace and front fender to the forks. All mounting bolts are new and I increased the height of the brace as much as possible by adding washers. Several folks suggested I consider a more multi-purpose tire for where I want to take her. That requires a little extra clearance. Hopefully this will do. That is as high as she will go without doing some work on the fender.

And last night the battery box was mounted to the frame. What a pain in the ass! It did NOT want to go in there. After a little scraped red paint, the battery box was in place.
Until the swing arm bearings are replaced, nothing else is going on the frame. Nevada Suzuki will be removing and replacing the steering head bearings and rear swing arm bearings as soon as I get them. No way do I want to put a partially built-up frame in the back of my pickup.

So... Looks like the carburetors are next on my list.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Instruments (Before)

Life has been busy, and evenings too cold to do much. That not withstanding, the instrument cluster has been disassembled and is in the process of being cleaned and repainted. The foam rubber pieces, instrumentation vibration dampener and a few bulbs need to be replaced. If all goes well, the instrument cluster parts should here by Friday and it should be back together this weekend.

This is not a picture of my VX800 instrument cluster; this was located on the internet some where. This weekend, the 'After' picture.