Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last Few Weekends

Here are some pictures of the work I have done on Vixen for the last few weeks. There is progress, regardless of how slow it may seem to me and possibly others.
Luckily I have two VX800 radiators. One radiator was full of tar and sand from its midpoint down. Using heat and tar remover, it could be cleaned but there was some concern about the sand grating against the Aluminum and causing tiny leaks. So, I chose the one that had bent fins and was missing a bit of paint. The fins were tedious to straighten but was certainly not difficult.

Here are the results of the radiator work. Everything was scrubbed down, the radiator checked for leaks and the two temperature sensors tested. I did think about painting it a flat black but decided it was not necessary. If it is needed later on, the radiator is quite easy to remove.

And, I finished rebuilding the foot pegs and mounts. The shields and pegs were cleaned, primed and painted with engine enamel. Both pegs received fresh pins, washers and a little Lithium grease.

And so, this weekend? Who knows.