Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time away - not always a good thing.

August or September was the last time my VX moved under its own power. Today, after working on the front carburetor yet again, she is still not running well. Actually, she isn't running at all. She turns over, spits and sputters and then stops.

Yes, it is time. Time to turn her over to a professional to diagnose and repair. I am not an engine mechanic. I can work on pretty much any other part of the bike, but that engine confounds me.

Times are a' changin'.

My daughter was just accepted into the University of Iowa; definitely a step up from the College of Southern Nevada where she has been attending classes for the last few years. Hey, it is a FANTASTIC thing! I am seriously one proud papa!

However, that means changes... changes in my finances. The old Chevy S-10 I have been working on will need to be sold after her move is complete. My little Honda Rebel, one of the few Rebels to have been ridden from one side of the country to the other, will be sold. Yes, even my Harley Sportster may need to be sold. Hey, my daughter wants to earn an Ph.D... So, Ya, what do I need with all these bikes? Need to do what needs to be done.

Since I own two VX 800s, guess these will be my bikes of choice. So, my Project Vixen is moving up a notch. Time to bring in the professionals at Nevada Suzuki.