Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Update.

This weekend was quite productive.
  1. Detached the right side of the frame from the main portion of the frame.
  2. Removed the engine from the frame. (All by myself, might I add.)
  3. After drilling out a badly stuck head bolt on the front cylinder, was able to remove the head cover and rocker arm assembly.
  4. Cleaned more of the swing arm.
  5. Cleaned many frame bolts and miscellaneous pieces.
And, here is the bad news... Previously I had thought, and was indeed hoping that the only major problem I would have with the engine would be a stuck valve or two. Unfortunately it seems as if there is rust in the front cylinder.

According to the manual, the only way to get into the cylinder is to remove front and back cylinders and heads at the same time! Given a few coolant hoses and head bolts strategically placed between the cylinders, there is no way, without a cutting torch or sledge hammer to effectively inspect the cylinders.

Soooo...... This week the heads and cylinders come off... all at the same time. Pictures soon.

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