Sunday, July 11, 2010

Got Another VX!!!

Yes. My main stumbling block in this project was the engine. Either of the two engines I have need serious work to operate. BUT, another VX800 with, what the owner said, was a completely rebuilt engine, came available!

After the engine was rebuilt about 6 years ago, it started having rear carb problems and was put into storage. Over the years he sold pieces from it, so when I looked at it a few weeks ago it was missing plastic pieces, a tank, exhaust and a few other things. Well... I have those parts!

Yes, she does run (not well), but there are carburetor issues. From what people tell me, it is very usual for bikes that have been in storage to have carburetor issues.

So, before I start tearing into her, I want to memorialize what she will look like when complete. Everything is on except the front fender and yet-to-be-designed-built-or-purchased trunk.

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