Friday, July 23, 2010

A Little Hiatus

This is certainly not a break of convenience, it is a break of necessity.

Over the last month I have acquired another VX800, this one an original 1990 California version. After MANY hot days spent in the garage, all that remains, hopefully, is to disassemble the rear carburetor, clean, reassemble then mount both and I should have a running bike. After that, the carburetors will need to be balanced, new front tire mounted, fender mounted, speedometer worm gear mounted, new spark plugs and I should have a running, ready to register and insure motorcycle.

As a matter of fact, I just received the clean Nevada title for it today in the mail.

However, this Las Vegas heat is not terribly conducive to working on a motorcycle. Typical daytime temperatures in my garage are 115F to 120F. Up to 115F is tolerable if well hydrated and water is regularly consumed. However, after six hours in that heat, my body requires a minimum of 24 hours to recover. Last weekend was likely too much strain and full recovery required more than two days.

So, after I finish the rear carb and mount them back on the motorcycle, I am taking a hiatus until the weather cools off.

Oh, here is a post I made on my other blog about the front carburetor and how the diaphragm was messed up.

Ride safe, all!

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