Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Few Pragmatic Alterations

Selected parts of frame and other pieces sit patiently in the garage. Whether they know it or not, they are waiting for a good solvent scrubbing, a little rough play with some sand paper, a few coats of primer, few colored undercoats and a few layers of clear coat.

Perhaps it is my cold, or maybe my cabin fever, but more and more of those desert gravel roads seem to call out. My VX800 lays in pieces, promising a few good long rides on that gravel.

So, what the hell am I thinking? Why am I thinking of cool finishes and spending time researching just the right flat black? There are innumerable stretches of asphalt and gravel and trails that the two of us could go. She doesn't NEED a brilliant, perfect red frame and wheels. She doesn't NEED a flat black engine. She doesn't NEED a flawless black finish on her tank and plastic pieces.

She NEEDS to be rideable. There may be some pragmatism going on here, a little give and take to get her moving soon. That's OK. I am more than willing to pass on the flat black engine and perfect tank in exchange for a bike that will tear up the twisties and chew on gravel for breakfast. And, she will look good doing it; promise.

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