Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Red?

A few people asked why I went with the color red. The answer may sound odd, but here it is.

My favorite aviary animal is the Red Winged Blackbird. Even before I started riding about two years ago, the idea of having a bike styled after this bird was tumbling around in my mind. After purchasing my first VX800 about a year ago, there was no question how it would be styled. The specifics though, where still up in the air.

Several thoughts tumbled around in my brain... All black with red side stripes? All black with a red engine? There was definitely some uncertainty.

After getting her apart and ready to paint, there was one way to go... All flat black with a red frame. Luckily my second VX, the donor bike is black so picturing it in my mind was a little easier.

There are still some styling questions in my mind, but I am certain that when the time comes, it will all come together.

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