Saturday, January 2, 2010

Frame Color Has Been Located!

And, it was at my favorite auto parts store, AutoZone.

While poking around at a few local auto and paint stores, a certain red just popped out at me; Ford Cardinal Red. It is not a 'use sunglasses to look at me' sort of red, but quite bright and noticeable. AutoZone has the DupliColor etching primer and the color available in rattlecans. Now, all I need is a good hard clear coat.

Here is a picture that fairly well replicates the color.

So, the frame, engine support, swing arm and wheels will be painted this color.

Also located a place here that carries PJ1 High Temperature Flat Black Engine Paint. The local Cycle Gear offers a large rattle can for only $9. So, in all, research progress is moving nicely.

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