Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Little Cold Will Not Keep Me From Wrenching

Yes, I have a cold. My head hurts, body aches, got very little sleep last night and breathing through my nose is an experience only to be attempted with tissues in the immediate vicinity.

But, that didn't keep me from a little wrenching tonight.

While a cup of tea was brewing, I ventured out into the chilly garage, made even more cold by a slight fever. The next phase of work is to prepare and paint the frame, swing arm and rear drive. If all goes well this weekend, the swing arm and smaller ancillary parts of the frame should be ready for clear coat, or perhaps ready to cure for a week before another undercoat and then clear. Who knows.

One thing on my list was to determine which rear wheel to use. After last weekend's rear wheel extraction from V2, at least one new bearing would be necessary to use that rear wheel. The question remained unanswered; are the bearings on V1's wheels OK?

So, as my tea brewed and I shivered, following the service manual, a few rough checks of V1's rear wheel bearings were made. And... We have a winner. V1's rear wheel bearings are in fine shape.

So, as I curl up in a blanket, drinking my hot tea, wishing for a nice back and shoulder rub, the gears are still moving.

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