Monday, January 18, 2010

Just A Few Sneak Peeks.

OK, for those visually stimulated folks...

Center Stand Before Cleaning

Center Stand After Cleaning, Wire Wheel, Sanding, Priming (two coats) And Three Coats of Dupli-Color Flat Black

Frame After Cleaning (3 or four times), Wire Brush, Sanding, Primer (three coats), Dupli-Color GM Victory Red (three coats) and Dupli-Color Truck and SUV Clear Coat (three coats)


  1. OOOH! I like that frame color. T'ain't quite Ducati but VERY fast looking!

  2. Ah, the orange/red color. Love it. I was thinking of using this but went with yellowish instead.

    Make sure you use an acid etch primer as your first stage; you'll get much better adhesion to the bare metal.

  3. Tom: Not quite Ducati red, but it will suffice. :-)

    Stephen: Yup. In places where there was bare metal, I used a good etching primer. Where I went over existing paint, I washed and wire wheeled and washed and sanded and washed again, then used a good primer before the paint. I am a novice painter and it shows in spots. Painting a complex shape like a frame is no piece of cake. There are a few spots where the paint ran, but I am a novice and that's OK.

    Your paint job looks quite impressive and smooth and will likely stand up better than mine.