Saturday, January 2, 2010

Parts and Project Bike Search Help

Anyone working on a car or motorcycle rebuild or restoration should know about this little tool. It is the Jaxed CraigsList and E-Bay mash and search page. This nifty little tool lets you search by brand, location and a free text filter.

Now, the search works very well against the CraigsList site. If no location is entered, ALL CraigsList locations are searched. That functionality gives a person working on a motorcycle restoration a real advantage when searching for parts, pieces and bikes that are no longer available or far too expensive.

Just click here to browse to the Jaxed search page.

As good as the CraigsList search is, the E-Bay search seems just as bad. Going to E-Bay and searching for Suzuki VX800 yeilds quite a few itemes. The Jaxed page shows nothing. Maybe I am just missing something.

The Jaxed mash searches not only CraigsList and E-Bay but also kijiji.

In all, this combinatiotion search page and mash gets a 3.5 out of 5 thumbs up. If the E-Bay search worked better, it would definitely be worth 5.

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