Friday, January 1, 2010

For Those Visualy Stimulated Folk

While performing this little rebuilding project, as time and light permit, I have been snapping some photos. Right now I am preparing to strip and paint the frame of the first VX800 and a few other key items. In general the frame and key support items from the first motorcycle is in better shape and almost completely rust-free. The other VX800 (the one from California) has some surface rust from the more humid, salty air. SO, those are the items photographed... go figure.

ENJOY!My first VX800 frame ready for final prep before stripping.

The rear brake pivot rod before cleaning.
The rear brake pivot rod after cleaning. OOOooo.... Shiney!

Rear brake support rod before cleaning. See that nasty asphalt or melted and burnt rubber.
Rear brake support rod cleaned up.

Details of a Suzuki VX800's center stand and springs.

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