Friday, January 8, 2010

Restoration Dead Ahead! Painting Has Begun!

At approximately 8 PM last night, Vixen was officially moving in the direction of a restoration. After an hour and 30 minutes or so of paint stripping and polishing and washing and sanding, the left and right passenger grip bars and the rear brake caliper support rod were ready.
Before Stripping and Scrubbing and Polishing

After the Cleaning and Ready for Primer

And, after laying down two coats of Dupli-Color Self Etching Primer and a coat of Dupli-Color Cardinal Red, here are the results.

There are flaws; I am just a beginner and that's OK. There are a few spots where the coverage was quite weak and the primer is still showing. On one grip there was a small drip at the very bottom. And on the other grip, the thin wire I used to hang it as I painted, caused a small mark.

In all, not bad for a very first time.

Tonight, another coat of red. Saturday, maybe another red but definitely finishing them up with some clear coat.

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